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Hi, Mal Sinfield here, The guys at Classic Rallying for some reason want me to add my rally stories – well here goes!

Mal Sinfield

These are in no order, just stories, read on!

I was in a class a car, a Toyota Corolla KE 10 in a Bega Valley Rally in the mid 70’s and we overshot a road goes left before bridge, Geoff Goodwin and Arthur Evans were the car behind us. We beat them nearly on every stage, Geoff stopped to help us get our car back on the road he said if he “couldn’t beat us whilst on the road well we didn’t deserve to be off the road”

That sort of thing is untold of now a days!

Tyres were so much cheaper back in the 80’s, lots of people don’t really know but it was Mike Bell that got tyres for privateers the same ones as the factory cars were running here in Australia. Sp 52 E’s.¬†Dunlop told him if he wanted them he had to buy a container load and pay for them before thy got here.

So he did but they were gobsmacked when he went back to them before the first shipment arrived and said “I want to order another container”, they said “what about the first lot?” He said they were ¬†all sold !
We want more!

I was in the Mazda House 1000 in, from memory 1974 when we rolled the mighty Corolla onto its side in Kiwarrick Forest near Taree. Geoff Goodwin also and Graham Hellwig in their Datsun 1200 Coupe who helped it get back on its wheels! Nice blokes!

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