Here Are Some Ideas To Bolster Classic Rallying

Here Are Some Ideas To Bolster Classic Rallying

As many followers of Classic Rallying would know, the CAMS Classic Regs, written 5 years were designed to foster cars to compete from what many consider the Golden era of Rallying. Some took up the challenge, Stewart Reid imported a brand new Group 4 Escort, Neal Bates built a works RA 40 Celica and plenty of cars complied.

Many car owners promised to compete, but for all sorts of reasons did not. The majority did not have a car that was eligible, they ended up in other events. The Alpine rally proof positive that with good rules cars will enter.

As time moved on, the interest in the class grew, Group G car owners were precluded from competing despite their cars being allowed to compete 30 years ago. Some of most memorable rally moments were delivered by cars now relegated to shed duty.

Equally, CRC regulations allow a lot of freedoms. Ben Rainsford, Chairman of the ARC has asked Dave Thomson to come up with his “Forward vision” for Classic rallying. Dave has over 30 cars , many of them classics, he loves his cars, is prepared to run any of them and entertain the crowds. He has comepted for many years and is in touch with competitors and understands what they need from their sport. 

Not everyone can afford a 150,000 classic car, and no more is this evident in the classic ranks. Classic rallying should be inclusive and allow competitors on good and tight budgets compete.

There will be some who say “We don’t need to change the rules” and they may have a point but the rules the way they preclude more cars than they allow and they rules as they stand deliver very little in the way of regular competition for a very few, but not the majority.

These suggestions are IDEAS, think about them and importantly, if you think the changes would mean you would get that car out of the shed and use it, Dave wants to hear from you. He will be sending this document early next week to Ben Rainsford at his request. He is not looking for input from those who think they might compete or could compete if changes were made.

Its up to you to make your voice heard – the whole idea is to increase the level of competition for classics. It can happen with rule changes. Contact Dave at dave at 

Recommendation 1:

That the cut-off date for CAMS Classic Rally cars be amended to 25 years prior to the start of each calendar year. This date change will allow a number of pure additional CAMS classic rally and other cars to compete, sympathetic to the rules. So for 2014 this would mean that a CAMS classic car was built up to 1989.

This would stop having to periodically review eligible vehicles, allowing competitors to review cars that may be eligible well into the future.

Recommendation 2

Add the following new classes and adjust the existing class and regulations to suit:

HS – “Historically Significant”. If the classic car that fits Recommendation 1 and has been used in competition under any ASN regardless of homologation, it can compete in the HS class. This precludes new builds. Examples are, Ex Fury 120Y, Dazda, Quattro etc. Cars with a proven history. The car owner to make application to ARCom, who would refer to Classic advisory committee for approval and class selection.

4WD“4WD Classic” This class is for cars that have 4WD power trains and are more than 25 years old. Precludes Group B Cars.

GC – “Genuine Classic” Rename the existing classic regulations that exist that cater for the genuine homologated Group 1-5 cars, pre 1982.

 AC – “All Comers”. This class covers CRC, cars that don’t fit into any of the above classes, eg. Datsun 1600 with 2400 engine.  Fj24 Stanza, 240RS etc,

This class would include Escorts with Nissan power trains , Datsun with Mazda rotary engines, basically the old Group G cars. The Audi Quattro would be in this class.

Sporting Regulation adjustments

  •  Scrutineering completed annually, on first event or after incident or request of head scrutineer, otherwise signed declaration of compliance.
  •  Option of running events blind with no pace notes.
  •  No control on tyres other than a strong recommendation to run sponsor tyre where possible.


The concept put forward is to make adjustments to the eligibility of classic vehicles to:

Take an “inclusive” approach to competition for classics.

  1. Align CAMS rules to other competitive events
  2. To give the ARC as much support as possible with the maximum amount of cars that could enter.
  3. Support ARC event organizers
  4. Foster trans-Tasman classic competition
  5. Cater for the growing 4WD owners who have an uncertain competition future.

It is not envisaged that these changes would increase costs for existing owners, but give owners who own cars now to compete in the best rallies. Currently there are other choices for them, which include AMSAG and the Alpine.

Feel free to comment on the Facebook page but remember the goal is more competition. The ideas have been put forward so as many as possible understand and can see the ideas being put forward. This is called consultation!





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