Thommo Back in an SLR 5000!

Thommo Back in an SLR 5000!

Dave Thompson arguably has the best classic rally car collection in Australia. In two weeks, Ari Vatanen will drive his S1 Audi Quattro in Canberra for demo runs and for people lucky enough to have purchased a ride, they will have life long memories.

Dave rallied an SLR 5000 many years ago and it was this hankering to return to those days  seen him looking around for a classic Torana to buy. “Well, I found one today”, he told Classic Rallying. “It will be on the trailer soon back to our workshop where it will get a full rebuild and I will ensure that every spectator that sees us will  remember us”!

The car is fitted with a 350 HP engine and a Muncie 4 speed. It will be overhauled with much more horsepower and super T10 gearbox. ” These are a bit heavy at the front”, Dave commented, but with some top suspension, it should prove to be a crowd pleaser. Dave will contest selected classic events in the car. Stand back……!





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